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Why Use MarketChecker?

Reasons to choose MarketChecker

MarketChecker is the quick, easy and cost-effective choice if you want to:

  • Find out the answers to almost any question (e.g. market intelligence/size/share, opportunities, usage, decision processes, business feedback)
  • Measure and compare on key topics (market monitoring, price, awareness, attitude, satisfaction, product and service benefits and more)

The MarketChecker approach gets effective results that are:

  • Less time-consuming and more objective than in-house reports, because we take a fresh view
  • Quicker than many other third parties, with over 30000 shoppers in the UK and others overseas
  • More cost-effective than services from other suppliers, as we have a flat flexible structure with minimal overheads
  • More relevant than off-the-shelf publications, because we find out exactly what you want to know (and sometimes more cost-effective than off-the-shelf publications as well!)
  • Easier to utilise than many other third party sources of information, as results are delivered electronically in the ready-to-use format of your choice

Ask for a quotation and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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